Iena SpiritWalker

Animal Communicator & Healer


How about a Community Membership?

I have a few spots left for the Animal Alignment Monthly Membership.

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This monthly membership provides you with exclusive access to 2 live, Zoom events with Iena SpiritWalker every month!

1st Saturday of every month.

4 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Native Americans believe that Totems, or Animal Spirit Guides, bring us messages & "medicine" needed in or lives. During this live, Zoom session, Iena will reveal the Totem that her Spirit Guides have chosen for you. You will be Guided trough a meditation with this Totem, to discover the messages & Healing ("medicine") needed for you at this time. This interactive class will offer opportunity to ask questions & learn from each other.

Recordings available.

Class length 30 min - 1 hour, 

dependant on participant size. 

3rd Saturday of every month.

4 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

You are invited to join this community of like minded people, "your peeps". You & your pets are welcome to participate in this unique experience. Iena will share the messages her Spirit Guides have for you this month. Together, you will all be Guided through Self Healing, as well as Healing for the rest of the flock (all animals & humans who are participating).

Recordings available.

Class length 30 min - 1 hour

dependant on participant size.

These unique opportunities are only available through the 

Animal Alignment Monthly Membership

The value is $700/ month.

~NOW ONLY $97/ month~

(Fee is automatically billed each month.

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