Iena SpiritWalker

Animal Communicator & Healer.

Canine Anxiety, Fear & Reactivity Expert.

Creature Connection Course

 8 Saturdays, 

Aug. 6 - Sept 24 at 12pm (noon) EST.

See through an eagle's eyes, chat with your cat, find your lost dog and so much more!

This is a live, interactive, 8 week, Zoom course.

I will use my 25 years of training & experience to help you

open up your intuition, activate your Healing Gifts

                                                     and connect to all creatures on a deeper level.

Dates & weekly topics:

(Saturdays at 4 pm, EST)

Aug. 06 - Protection Connection:

When working with Spirit & energy, Psychic Protection is just as VITAL as looking both ways before we cross the street! This is why I start EVERY course with this pertinent information. It is the foundation upon which you will build all your Gifts. You will meet your main Spirit Guide, learn to protect yourself, call in your team of helpers & proceed in an effective and SAFE way.

Aug. 13 - Totems, My Animal Spirit Guides:

Native Americans believe that we all have Totems, or Animal Spirit Guides. Each one brings you messages & “medicine” (Healing) that you need in this specific moment in your life. You will journey to find your own main Totem & learn what magic he brings into our life.

Aug. 20 - Sharing the Senses:

When we are connected in Spirit, we can share our senses. Would you like to see what an eagle sees during flight, feel what a worm experiences in the Earth or smell what your dog smells during his morning walk? It’s all possible in this fun & experiential class!

Aug. 27 - Clear Communication with Animals: 

Here, we start utilizing all the lessons from the previous weeks. Talk to animals, find out their greatest wishes & share their love.

Sept 3 - Animal Spirit Mediumship:

The connection to our beloved pets does not end after their Spirit leaves the body. The Love transcends this circumstance. You will learn to communicate with beloved animals on the Other Side. This is excellent for bringing peace & closure for so many.

Sept. 10 - Finding a Lost Pet:

This is an animal care giver’s worst nightmare. Learn what you can do during the crucial first moments to help locate your furry family member (or your neighbor’s!)

Sept. 17 - Connecting to the Soul of Nature:

Embrace your deep connection to all living beings. This includes, the trees, deer, mice and every blade of grass. Once you feel the Oneness that you possess, your life will never be the same.

Sept. 24 - Divine Animal Healing:

The Universe offers Healing energy for us all. Here, you will cultivate your Healing Gifts & harness this Divine energy to help those you love.


During the 8 weeks, you will receive:

Weekly, 1 hour, live Zoom courses.

Recording of each course. 

8 downloadable meditations.

Weekly, live support calls.

Come learn with me & a community of like-minded Souls!

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2 monthly payments of $525

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2 monthly payments of $525

Animal Alignment Monthly Membership

FIRST & THIRD Saturday of each month. 4 PM. EST

This monthly membership provides you with exclusive access to 2 live, Zoom events with Iena SpiritWalker every month!

1st Saturday of every month.

4 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Native Americans believe that Totems, or Animal Spirit Guides, bring us messages & "medicine" needed in or lives. During this live, Zoom session, Iena will reveal the Totem that her Spirit Guides have chosen for you. You will be Guided trough a meditation with this Totem, to discover the messages & Healing ("medicine") needed for you at this time. This interactive class will offer opportunity to ask questions & learn from each other.

Recordings available.

Class length 30 min - 1 hour, 

dependant on participant size. 

3rd Saturday of every month.

4 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

You are invited to join this community of like minded people, "your peeps". You & your pets are welcome to participate in this unique experience. Iena will share the messages her Spirit Guides have for you this month. Together, you will all be Guided through Self Healing, as well as Healing for the rest of the flock (all animals & humans who are participating).

Recordings available.

Class length 30 min - 1 hour

dependant on participant size.

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Animal Alignment Monthly Membership

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