Iena SpiritWalker

Animal Communicator & Healer.

Canine Anxiety, Fear & Reactivity Expert.


*   CONSULTATION:                 FREE 

     This is where we talk about your animals, the solutions you seek & how I can help.


*   SESSIONS:              


Sessions can include communication and/or Healing (depending on what is needed). The length can be up to one hour. This is done by phone call. 

I do request a current photo of the animals I'll be working with to help me connect.

During every session, I combine my training & life experience with Guidance of Spirit to provide your Loved one with the best possible care.



 4 WEEK SESSION BUNDLE - $900 (one time payment).  Save $500!   

  This is one session per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

  *Payment  for the 4 week session bundle can also be broken up into 


4 weekly payments of $235 eachSave $460!

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